Sharing my WEBSITE insight!

....Ok, those of you who know me, know I LOVE to browse random websites late at night. So, I'm passing some fun information on to you, my friend!
They refer to themselves as the "purveyors of curiously awesome products" but really its a bunch of random stuff. Its still fun to browse or buy for your SS. Check out the soapsicles (Popsicle soap) or GIANT gummy bear on a stick!

All of you should be well aware of this universal website. You can find tons of free stuff or type in a more specific search and voila--- it pops up! Sometimes its just fun to browse. You can find everything from grandmas old couch, cheap vacations, singles talk to yard sales. Click on Nashville or your local area for details.


This lady is a fun, northern blogger. The best part is she is always posting information about free stuff. Why earlier today I subscribe to 1 year FREE of Metropolitan Home magazine...all you do is fill out a little survey. Yeah, yeah it takes 5 minutes to answer 15 business questions but you get a 1 year subscription. She also has a link on how to receive Women's Health free but I think too many people clicked it. Worth a try, right? She is constantly passing on free information or giveaways--always a plus!

That's all for now...don't want to give away all my secrets! :o)

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