Adios Blog world!

I've had my fill of perfect meals, marriages, babies, pictures, Pinterest projects, dream homes, gossip, and letting the world know all your personal business. Or, the personal business that you're willing to write about. I've been through so much the past 1.5 years. Half of which I'd like to write about and the other half I'd like to forget. Half you probably wouldn't believe. But, I'm moving forward, in a new direction, and the past is only going to stay in my rear view mirror. I don't need this platform to tell you that I'm divorced, that I traveled to Europe, living debt free, my awesome chicken pot pie recipe, or brag about my boxer (haha). If you know me, you know me. The rest is unnecessary. I'm happily closing this chapter and growing myself...privately. I am happy in my decision and happy for myself. Finally.

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