To Tat or Not to Tat?!

...all this talk of tattoos lately has my mind going. If I was getting a tattoo, what would I get? I think I know what I would do, just not where I would put it. It's no secret that my hubby has a high tolerance for pain and has MANY tattoos, tattoos over old tattoos and wants more all from back in the day. We've already got our "tattoo" plans down. I won't give away his next one, OR the meaning. :o) Don't bother guessing, and no it's not my name--hehe! My spontaneous friend, who I'll refer to as Mia was going to get her tattoo this weekend but had to change plans. I guess I'm just feeling spontaneous and want to spice it up a bit. You know that rush you get when you are about to do something fun with friends, love that feeling! Nothing like making a memory, especially with people you love!

In case you want to play around and look at tattoo choices, this website is fun. www.tattoojohnny.com

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  1. DO NOT, I repeat...DO NOT get a tattoo (unless is says "My sister is #1)...haha!!


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