Love Me some Housewives!

Oh, wow ... Who's addicted to Real Housewives of Atlanta like me? The second season is back with a bang, bang POW! First, here are some of my most favorite quotes from the new season:

"Don't make me get on the phone and call POOKIE-N-DEM!"- Sheree, fighting with her gay party planner, Anthony. Who wouldn't love a party planner of their own?

"Who gonna check me, boo?"- Sheree, again talking to Anthony. I would love someone to check my clothes, put together outfits, etc.

"I don't care if I have to work three jobs, I would shovel s*** for Dolce & Gabbana." - the lovely Kim, when being asked what she was going to do without the financial support of Big Pappa.

How can you not love this stuff? I will be the first to admit that Kim is my absolute favorite character ... she is such a trip! I love her wig, I'm sorry but 1. you know I hate my hair and 2. when she is getting her laser/heat cellulite remover she is laying there texting and yelling at the Dr. about how bored she is, that would be me, bored having to sit still! Now, not knowing how much it cost per procedure, that would NOT be me. Again, its just a humorous show, but I love to see their clothes, where they eat and listen to the smack that they talk.

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