Random at best

 *Arianna (my Rice)  is starting Kindergarten at my school this fall. Just crazy to think she's 5 now!
*I almost got a puppy yesterday. But, felt okay not getting her because she had a rescue waiting for her if I didn't take her.  I got nervous. I wondered if I would be able to love Zane enough with a new puppy?  I love my life with him...and he's my priority. So, I passed on her.  (although I had her named, I'll save that in case I do rescue a little one down the road)
* No matter how old I am, regardless if I have a husband or am single I will always call my dad first when it comes to my vehicles.  Dad knows best!
* I am just loving avocados (yes, even plain) and making guacamole!
* I went out with my old friend, KB last week.  Twelve years and counting of perplexed conversation. I still do not understand that man and vice versa.  Oddly enough, he told me I was the "simplest and most complex girl he's ever known" to this day.  I think that's a compliment? He is exactly the same as when we were 18.
* To be cool and trendy in the dating world apparently you have to eat sushi.  I tried it. Cold fish is nothing to write home about.  Next!
* I hate the thought of mowing my grass. every.single.week.  But, when I'm done I feel so good when I step back and check out my freshly cut weeds.  Odd.
* I like the selection of guys for Emily on Bachelorette.  I think they chose very southern all American types, her style, and it looks to be a good season.
* I fell in love with a kelly green dress and bought it instantly. I just need a reason to dress up with heels and wear it! ( I may or may not have looked at it hanging in the closet) Green is so me!
* I am currently working on my bathroom cabinetry and painting it all white.  We'll see how it goes! Valspar paint and primer is wonderful...so far!

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