Viva Las Vegas!

So, we took a 4 day getaway to Las Vegas. It was fun if you enjoy touring hotels, shopping and seeing shows but the people are crazy! We are definitely more cruising/beach people. We did get some shopping done at Miracle Mile, enjoyed some fine dining and saw a show. Here's a few pictures. Steakhouse 46 they are filming the new Will Farrell movie here. The set was being put up. He never came out except for the shot. The street was blocked and in this scene he comes out and his car is being towed. People were photographing everywhere!
The M&M 4 story candy store....not sure why my head is tilted but I am holding the green one-my fav! Also, look at every flavor!

My personal favorite-Paris! It did meet my expectations and was accurate enough (as a hotel could be) trying replicate the real thing. We did a great dinner at the Village inside the hotel. Crab legs, prime rib, shrimp, fabulous desserts. It was one of the best places we ate! You know Paris has a special place in my heart, so it was fun.

I also liked The Venetian and gondola setting--Paris was still the best.Picture from a crossing bridge. Vegas is definitely prettier at night!

The Stratosphere, highest point, great views. Looks like the space needle.

Criss Angel, Cirque Du Soleil BELIEVE show...man you can't take a picture of anything! As Bon Qui Qui would say "Sa-Quirt-E" (security). The show was very creative and who knew just how hot Criss Angel was, not me! You know how he is famous for the freaky rabbit ( I didn't know either) well, you can't tell, but this is a random screen and the rabbits move--scary. The picture can't capture it, but as you enter it's like walking through a haunted woods with rabbits!

So, these are just a few of the pictures. Not into blogging about all of them and the day pictures are just buildings and us posing.

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