Halloween weekend

We had a great weekend. First, we attended a spooktacular Halloween Party with our dear friends LOMA and Benji, a.k.a the Border Patrol and Dirty Mexican (notice Jack in his handsJon and Kate arrived together and brought the tabloids

The Prize patrol showed...none of us won!

Madonna came--but didn't sing Like A Virgin....Queenie came too!

Edward and his "bush" arrived and stole the show!
Steven and me represented some TLC. I went as Kat Von D from L.A. Ink and he went as Ami James from Miami Ink. We've been collected tattoos and wardrobe apparel for weeks and while they were fun to put on, they were horrible to take off! What a great night. Thanks friends!

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  1. LOVE the pictures!!!! Hate that we missed the fun.


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