Do you?

...ever just torture yourself and walk down memory lane? You know, the good, bad, ugly, laugh-worthy, cry-worthy from years ago?  You don't? Well, I did.  It's funny what we save from our past which seems priceless at the time and is no longer significant. Only a distant memory.
I got on my high school/college/post college aol AIM email account. I had to sit and feel the keyboard to remember my password from so long ago. But, it still worked! Remember AIM? It was a hot commodity!  I saved a bunch of emails, mostly of mine of and Steven dating and a few oldies but goodies from other people.  (Um, and there were people still on my buddy list currently on) I was so funny! Better yet, my friends were funny.  Life was so easy back then. Looking back, it's nothing but happy thoughts.  It's bittersweet.
 I'm peeing my pants (laughing) thinking about contacting these people and forwarding them the stuff they sent me. But, I don't need to because they stalk read my blog. Yeah, I know who reads this!  

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