Thank goodness it's Friday, thank goodness for these things! I'm thankful for...
spending a fun summer with these 2 blondes, Rice & Beans!
That Ootie delivered a healthy, handsome baby boy 2 days ago!
That Zane didn't break any bones when he fell down the stairs last night!
That my sister, who didn't know she was pregnant in this picture, is having a healthy pregnancy!
That Stunner is home safe after 2 years of being in Africa!
For my family. Enough said.
For these wonderful girls (not all are pictured) and a great school year ahead! 

For 2 unexpected compliment that changed my way thinking.

For Pinterest because it's awesome. Email me if you want to join!

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  1. Oh no...poor Zane! What 2 compliments did you get that changed your way of thinking sister? PS....thanks for the blog shout out :)


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