Weekend Recap

Well, I actually worked on Labor Day weekend. It's a shame! Why? Because I don't get paid to put in extra hours especially on a weekend but I got together with some of my fabulous team and planned  every.single.detail that corresponds with Daily 5, scope and sequence, ate pizza, Envision math, Social Studies, the works! It felt good.  My team doesn't have common planning and lunch is too short so it had to be done.  How does your team handle this?

The rest of the weekend was full of randomness. I slept almost in every day! (til 9:30 one day woo-woo)

Spent way too long on here:
Girl talked at Starbucks with her:
Saw this movie with Mary and had mixed feelings. Without giving anything away, 1. I hate English speaking movies 2. I hate all things related to the 80's and 3. it was a slow go and then sad at the same time.  If you see it, tell me what you think.
I got my hair did for the first time in forever and a blue sparkle pedicure!  I just told her to do whatever she wanted and I actually like it. It's totally not me, so that may be a good thing!

Dinner meals are planned, laundry is almost done and Jersey Shore along with my home made Mexican Lasagna are on the menu for tonight! 
Yay, for a 4 day week!

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