What I'm loving Wednesday

Here goes the bandwagon...but I'm loving a lot of things right now! 
1. The upcoming long weekend! Ready to have a day off from work although I have no real plans.
 2. EKKKKKKKKKKK.... I love the pens Mary got for her birthday today. They talk! I want one, ten especially a Pauly D and a Ronnie.  I can't help it. (whoa, just saw the price...not loving that)
 3. I love this outfit although it wouldn't look good if I wore it. I love everything about it especially the shoes.

5. At this exact moment, this quote applies to my life.

6. BIRTHDAYS! All my birthday babies (Mary, Sarah, Caron, baby G, Natalie, Esther) that are coming up in the next 2 months are keeping me on my toes!

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