The BIG 3-0....Part One!

My BFF since 3rd grade turned 30 this weekend! We decided to celebrate the whole weekend! Friday night was Girls only! 
Had to love on the Bean before we left!

We went downtown Nashville to Taco Mamacita and met up with Esther's college friends June, Rachel and Abbey!  If you haven't tried it--do it! Love the food and atmosphere!

Best sweet potato fries ever!
Birthday girl dessert

After dinner, we wanted to people watch sing karaoke.
We ventured downtown to Broadway...and ended up at Wanna B's!  We hooked up with some pimps...who looked like Will Farrell.  Lots of people were dressed up. Apparently, there was a big party.
Can I just say that YES I am standing, normal, and they are super tall guys! Esther is sitting on a bar table!
I think there is a hidden gang sign 30 somewhere in this picture!  There was an hour and a half wait to sing and then Chica was told Alicia Keys is too slow to sing after 10pm. Haha...it was kind of funny!

We wrapped up the night with Elvis! Stay tuned for the rest.

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