Pinterest Interest

Here are some things I HAVE inspired me on Pinterest.

First up, the sucker tree.  Or, in my case, the blow pop tree. I made this for a friend who turned 30, so "30 blows"  and I tied balloons to the tree as well.  It was just something for fun!  

I made these last week and they were delish! I had to get them out of the house so I took some to my moms, brought some to school and gave some to a friend! Everyone said they were great...and they are SO easy!
I'm making these as a cute little thank you for my room moms. I am slipping a little card inside! 

and this is to make my friends laugh.  When I get my iphone in 44 days but who is counting I will do stupid stuff like this!

 I got bangles like this...because it was definitely love at first sight!

Lastly, I learned how to take a regular picture and make it look like an artsy painting with photo shop! 

So, have you done any fabulous pins lately? What inspires you?

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