One month

So, I've officially lived in my house one month! It went by so fast.  I like it.  It's very freeing to come home and do what you want, when you want, stress and anxiety free.  This month has been full of growth and firsts. 
* first time being 100% responsible for the upkeep of a yard. (I've always had a mow service)
* first time paying my own mortgage.
* first time growing veggies even though it's only tomatoes and lettuce.
* first time  solely laying floors.
* all the  fun firsts with owning a home.  
* first time going on a date in my 30's.
* first time to eat couscous which has no taste. 

It's no lie, I love responsibility and being organized. I'm really happy. Really, finally  happy.  It feels good.  My hearts changed and I'm in a different place. Here's to hoping the broken roads continue to get better! 

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