13 minute phone call

.....and we're off to Las Vegas, randomly! Yep, I am by no means spontaneous when it comes to trips but tonight while making shrimp stir fry the inevitable house phone rings and I think it's my mom. Turns out, it was my Hilton Honors calling because I am a valued customer *wink wink, aren't we all? Anyways, what he should of said is the economy sucks and Vegas is hurting but what he said is they are running a special and you can go to Vegas for cheap-o. I told him his price wasn't low enough and my hubby (who was sitting on the computer) wasn't home so a decision couldn't be made. He swore he'd make it worth my while so the long and the short of it is the manager got on the phone, I got a super duper deal, 3 days 2 nights to stay on the strip at the Hilton Vacation Resort in a suite and I have 5 months to go. Can we say weekend get-a-way? Woo-hoo. Wanna know the highlight for Steven? He thinks we are going to see Cris Angel Mindfreak show live....um we are going shopping, NY NY, Paris and the Venetian of course! Got any more suggestions? The last time I went it was for a family vacation and I was a teeny bopper so this should be fun!

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