Where is the #1 Stunner?

....in Africa! This little chick spent the past 15+ hours flying to Africa to work with the Vanderbilt medical team as a nurse/OBGYN and help open a hospital in Botswana. My Stunner, a.k.a. Abigail, will be living and working in Botswana for the next year. I attended her going away party a few weekends ago in Atlanta and her hubby, Greg, finally sent me some of our pictures via his iphone. Let's just say, it was a crazy evening but I'm really glad I went. You too can follow her journey entitled Botswana Bound on the right hand side of my page. Stunner, we love and miss you and you will always be our "Miranda" and "Sabrina" the teenage witch! :o) (Ok, that was to make you get angry and scream hehe)

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