Take me home, country road!

Last weekend Steven went out of town for business and Zane and I took a country drive. We're still looking for our land and went to Leiper's Fork to drive and relax. I know that sounds lame, but a coffee in hand, windows down, and cool crisp air makes me SO happy! I don't know if you can tell but I am taking a picture of my rear view mirror as we leave the subdivision because Z always sticks his head out. Yes, I know, no texting and driving and NO pictures while driving but I couldn't help it. Here's a few of my favorite things along the way...

Sorry, this one wouldn't rotate. I love the open road!

This horse and the ones not in the picture, were eating grass on the opposite side of the fence.

I love this historic home, valued at over a million...future neighbor? Ha, doubtful. Love all the surrounding land.

Home Sweet home. No sooner did we pull in the driveway and get in the house and we heard the garage door open again. This is Zane EVERYDAY...

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