LOMA-green with envy!

My dear friend Laura, a.k.a. LOMA, used this 1920's chest as her class treasure chest last year. It's truly massive and was completely broken on the inside from her kids. She begged for someone to take it and although I loved it and saw its hidden potential--I didn't know if it was fixable. Nope, I didn't do any of the work, just told Dad what I envisioned and here it is. Bare with me, we are researching hardware for the front lock and it is drying in all these pictures but I am in LOVE with it! What we know:
*it had a signature MS on the inside, beneath all the wallpaper-like material to keep the clothes clean
*it's built around 1920 or slightly before due to the fact that the nails are all hand made and square (rarity)
*it was made using the same pieces of 12 inch planed wood which we do not do anymore. My daddy is the best! Here are a few pictures. It will go in my next house as a coffee table along with all my other antiques. Sorry, no picture on the inside yet, but dad restored all the inside wood too and made a pull out shelf for extra storage.

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