Nine in 09

Write down 9 things that you remember about the year 2009.

* lots of friends and family/cousins had little babies or are due soon (6 people -2 boys -4 girls)
* went on my 4th Caribbean cruise, definitely my most favorite one
* had a mini get-a-way weekend to Las Vegas, saw Criss Angel
* Abigail a.k.a. Stunner left for Africa in September, Dad left for India in November
* I stopped working at the Rec Center after 10.5 years, is that retiring? ha
* In July I went to my first IKEA in the United States, Atlanta to be exact, with my sister Sarah-- loved it and I could read everything!
* LOMA dancing on the bed, err at school, err in the car, all of her dances that make me wanna pee!
* discovering Gluten-free foods and how to cook as best I can gluten free. Having to give up real people bread. :o(
* discovered more of myself-seriously!

These are the ones that came to mind quickly. I'm sure I will be eating dinner tonight and think of something even better! Maybe I will write the top 68,234 later!

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