Weekend Rewind...

My Saturday was the pitts and that's to put it nicely. So, Saturday evening my hubby (ya know we are living a part due to the move) and I had a date. It helped! We went to Pie In The Sky in Lennox Village and actually met some awesome people! Today, however, was much better! I ran errands and prepared for a shower--stay tuned for pictures! Then, we went to see the movie Robin Hood. I love me some history! I've been so excited to see Russell and Cate on the big screen. It was an awesome depiction of the time period, scenary, facts, etc. but it wasn't too eventful of a plot. That's okay, though! I knew my friend Caron had been at the hospital all morning and during the movie sweet Molly Cate decided it was time for her grand entrance! So, directly after the movie I headed to the hospital to get some snuggle time with sweet MC. The rest of the girls were already there so it worked out perfectly. Stats: 7 lbs. 11 oz. 21 inches long and as requested by me-a head full of dark hair. She is super cute and has her mommy's lips and daddy's nose! (at least I think so) Both mom and baby are doing wonderful!


  1. Well hello my sister from another mister. I'm so incredibly jealous that yall go to go meet MC! You look so prettie in your "garden" shot above.

  2. how cute!! I love the name molly.


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