So, our 5 day cruise with my sister and her hubby Joe, turned into a 9 day vacation. This is the most unorganized post and I left out a bunch of great pics, but you get the idea. Steven and I rented a car drove to the coast! We stayed in Orlando, shopped, ate at The Crab House-yum! Then, we headed to South Beach, something we do every time we cruise. We hooked up with Joe and Sarah....look at us, dressed as twinkies and it wasn't planned. We walked the beach and the boys watched the Vikings Game.
Our room- way modern and werid

We stayed at the Clinton Hotel

Which is connected to XOXO cafe' and DASH! (a highlight for me) The store was uber expensive, $60.00 for a grey cotton t-shirt that said DASH in size 36 font.
On Monday we cruised....here's our room


A picture of a picture...yeah we posed!
Night 1 casual

This picture was $12.99 but Steven's face was priceless...so again I snuck a picture of the picture.

Ice carving (sadly, it rained our whole day at sea)

ode to Jimmy Choo

Night 2

Grand Turk

Swimming and snorkeling so close to the ship!

water was great and it was finally sunny!
we spent the morning snorkeling and hanging at the beach and the afternoon at Margaritaville!
flow rider!

Night 3 the Boo pumpkin pie cake and the double chocolate with a fondant pumpkin

The infamous towel animals

Half Moon Cay the private island--like swimming in a pool

Our ship and the storm clouds

Day 4 Nassau, BahamasWe took a harbor tour and then toured Atlantis, the resort! It was a lot of fun going through the underground water tunnels known as the ruins and the dig.Chihully glass lights
SO COOL, it's the critter in the conch (we actually ate conch fritters in Orlando

me touching the shark tank

old diving gear

the boys

Amazing jelly fish

Hammerhead sharks

We really had a lot of fun and this blog didn't do the trip justice! If you want a play by play account check out my sister at Moske Monkey Business...she broke each day down!

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