Sucky weekend= good Monday?!

My weekend was a BUST for multiple reasons....
The big CASE 39 movie with Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper was SO not scary, psychological, or thrilling. I thought it would be better since it was rated R with a fairly popular cast. Nope! I would redbox it later, friends! Although my weekend was sucky, my Monday was fabulous! Say it like Teresa on HWNJ FAB-U-LOUS!
There is nothing better than Bieber fever in First grade. I play Pandora during our writing block. Well, the Biebs came on today and I love to watch my kids get so excited! All the pencils become microphones and while there is no singing there is a lot of lip syncing going on! It is beyond hilarious to observe. Even the shyest of shy love the Biebster!
Lastly, today I got a hilarious surprise email from an old friend. You know those people who pop in and out of your life at random times? The ones you haven't seen in um, like 7+ years. The email was simple, no formal address, just a typical cut to the chase guy email "when will the little Chartier's run around? Aren't you like 3o?" There's more to it, but it just struck me as super funny if you 1. knew this person and 2. if you are 2 years older than me, 2 grades ahead of me in school and you're 30 does that make me 30 also and 3. I met this person because he was posing as my older brother ....but I'm the oldest. Hmmmm...happy Monday!

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