FEARLESS Series the 8 week challenge

This post will have ZERO pictures which means it will get looked over because I do that too....too many words, not enough pictures = more boring blog. So, I'll use color and bullet points to help you and myself!

FEARLESS series at church...goes along with the book study Life's Healing Choices- Freedom from your hurts, hang-ups, and habits. It's an 8 week series and we're on week 2.

Happiness is a Choice and you can choose it one choice at a time.
1. admitting need, The Reality Choice
2. Getting help, the Hope Choice
3. letting go, the commitment choice
4. coming clean, the housecleaning choice
5. making changes, the transformation choice
6. repairing relationships, the relationship choice
7. maintaining momentum, the maintenance choice
8. recycling pain, the sharing choice

Today: HOPE CHOICE are you a hummingbird or an eagle? Hummingbird--Are you fluttering around in daily life trying to find things to make you happy? Are you worried, stressed, angry, confused, missing something, feeling no purpose? God intended us to be eagles! Eagles soar above catching uplifting wind streams in peace. I am working on being an eagle because I am the best hummingbird out there and I think/worry all the time. (that's my type A)

It was basically about the ways we ESCAPE our path to comfort and hope (alcohol, drugs, sex addictions, over eating, gambling, shopping, over working, not meeting personal potential, etc. etc.)

1. See who God really is.
2. See who I really am.
3. See how God can change me.
You don't have to change for God. When you see who God really is, you see who you really are and you will see how God can change in you. There were lots of good quotes and I just left feeling enlightened. When I'm done with the book, you can borrow it if you would like!

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