Dear Loma

Dear Loma,
I remember what you wore the first day we met you. After all, you'd just come from a jaunt in the park but were dressed so nicely. (hehe)  We slapped those bulletin boards up however we wanted and you let us decorate your classroom. I think we all became FB friends that night.  We were feeling good about you moving here and joining our team.  

It just kept getting better and better! Once I found out you could dance and I could rap I was in heaven. This is still one of my favorite things about you.  Oh, and watching you run down the hallway.

Of course, it helps that you are totally young, funny, love Mexican food, Chris Bridges, are always up for adventures, nights with the girls, and a truly awesome friend. 

Now you're a momma and we have to share you.  But, don't worry because we love that little boy like crazy. It was amazing being a part of "finding out you were pregnant" and watching you turn into a mom. Oh, we were worried we'd lose you. BLUE!!!!! Not so much. You're still the same person, now you just bring mini me with you. Whew....we got lucky!

So, I know I can speak from the heart and vouch for everyone when I say: we love our VM, Sister Wife, LOMA, ESBU forever, friend. This may be our good bye of working together but it's not the end of our friendships.  We love you and are so happy that you'll be staying home with G and getting the rest of your future basketball team started.  And, because I am funny....I love my graffiti picture of G.


  1. Gosh I love you!! I'll run back down that hallway to visit you clowns!!!

  2. what a cute baby! and i love the photo of your fam up top. that dog is adorable! : )


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