Schoooooools out for Summer!

I have completely mixed emotions about summer this year.  I HATE change. In my 29 years I've always had stomach aches when it comes to change, especially unexpected change.  I realize the famous song lyrics "the only thing that stays the same is everything changes" but I still don't like it.  The first week of summer is always transitional.  I go 100 miles an hour the whole month of May as anyone knows it's a super busy month. Then boom, zero plans, no schedules, long day of nothing.  I'm 100% spouse-less in the summer too. I don't do well with idle time because I love to learn and stay busy.

I'm looking forward to:

*Teaching a fun girls enrichment class-American Girl Doll Adventures.  I get to play with dolls, my favorite!

* going to the pool with some of these friends and their little ones.

* Celebrating Courtney and Laura's birthdays!

* Baby shower for baby Brody

* Trip to see my sister to shop and bake (with her baking business Monkey Bread Bakery)

* Road trippin' to Atlanta, where the players play!

* sleeping in

* hopefully getting one of these....tan, just not so Snooki-like orange!
* wearing flip flops

*being around for this little guy who will turn 3!

And a whole lot more.  Here's to day 1!

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  1. hi, first time visitor here. i just want to say that that orange tan picture made me laugh out loud. i mean wow. also, now i'm in the mood for swimming.

    nice meeting you!



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