Do you see what I see?

Lately, I've seen a lot of animal hair in the front yard. I figured the neighbors cats got something. Today I went to pick up more hair and it moved!!! Zane, he doesn't notice anything, EVER never alerted me to a rabbit burrow. It's literally the size of a a bowl and barely visible.
As I move the hair more...
there are 4....
Oh, yeah I pick them up and touch them. They let me.  The burrow was so hot and tiny. Zane just watched me. Don't freak, I put them all back and covered them. At least I know they are there so we don't use the lawn mower in that little area! Sadly, I Googled rabbits and apparently they are sickly things and I have a chance of getting Powassan virus (60% fatality rate in humans) tick fever and rabies.  Nice. Who knew.

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