I turned 30 on the 30th and my girls threw an amazing 80's prom birthday party!  If you know me, you know I HATE 80's movies and music.  It was totally appropriate and I had the best time!  These girls worked hard. In fact, I happen to know they had a dinner date night without me to organize the whole thing with me in mind.  There was an open bar and Robert made sure they served my favorite amaretto sours,  appetizers, yummy food, and the fabulous Sugar Cake made the hot pink and lime green cupcakes. We ate, danced and relived the 80's!  Laura had a prom tripod and everyone had to take a prom picture under the balloon arch--very crafty!  I do not have all the prom pictures back yet, but here are a few!  They also managed to bring in TV's and Ninendo with a bunch of games so the guys played games all night.  I loved it!

 Prom King and Queen...this has to be the funniest picture!

Still waiting on the professional prom poses...hehe.  Thanks for a fabulous night girls!

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