Where I've been, yada yada

I've been debating on shutting my blog down.  The same people read it know exactly what is going on in my life. Lets face it, I'm not that interesting and I don't do give aways.  For whatever reason I haven't quit, and teeter back and forth on making a decision.  I'm not sure what you want to hear or what I want to say.   

So, people....this is your chance to ask anything about me. I mean ANYTHING is fair game. My life, divorce, love, teaching, boxers, future, thoughts, God, etc.  I'll give you all the details you want to know from my viewpoint.  You can even ask anonymously...just ask.   Is my head too big to think about saying I'll answer the questions in the order that they are received...hehe!?  Don't let me down.

Ask away!  Do it, I'm open and 2012 is the year of change!  

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