Kitchen project

Did a little kitchen shopping this weekend and bought all my appliances...and a few extra items!

My best advice to those who want to shop:
* always read Consumer Report for the year and buy models that made it into the top 3. This is guarantee that you will be happier with your product.
* Shop around for said model so you get the best price.
* More $$ doesn't mean a better product!
* Never get the cheapest or most expensive model...middle of the road will suit most everyone's needs.
* Pay cash, ask if it's their best offer, buy what you need, not what you get talked into.

I only like side by side fridges. I can not stand french doors with a bottom freezer. That's just me. So, I got what I wanted. Everything I purchased is top 3 Consumer Reports for a well-built product with the least amount of maintenance, failure, problems, etc.
This Kenmore super sonic dish washer has a top spinner/washer, bottom spinner/washer and now a middle section spinner/washer.  It's a newer concept, so my dishes should be super clean! 

I also bought a matching above the range microwave.  (might as well make it all match)

My laundry room was going to be lonely so I'm going to sell the washer and dryer that is currently in the home on Craigslist and purchased 2  front loading Kenmore LG series washer and dryer.

Because I've done my research (and my Dad too) I waited until this weekend to purchase so I could get a bundle package.  It's  crazy what I walked away with and the savings.  Six appliances, paid for in cash, all connections/hook ups and delivery.  I'd say it was a success!  I also picked out my floors but that is a post for later!

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