Showering Sarah

We celebrated the soon-to-be arrival of baby Sally with a Baby Shower in Memphis a few weeks ago.  I hosted along with her local friend, Adrienne.  She made the food, I did the decor.  This was a little difficult having never seen her house, having to do table measurements, set up, etc. over the phone but it worked!  We went for vintage theme using her favorites: burlap, light pink, hot pink, white lace and soft turquoise.  I got an idea for rag ribbon off of Pinterest and this is how I made mine.

cut your strips
figure out your pattern
I spaced it on my burlap cord so I could see how much I needed.

 The Girls!
Baby Sally is due any time in the next two weeks! Right now her nursery is being featured as one of the finalists on Project Nursery.  If you go vote, she'll win!  So, check her out--please!

Here's the link:  http://projectnursery.com/projects/aqua-pink-and-green-whimsical-nursery/

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