Weekend Recap!

I had a great weekend! On Friday, I  grabbed coffee and girl talked with Freakin' Esther!  It's so nice to get to spend time with her.  On Saturday, my Momma took me on a little shopping spree.  Typically, I never have good luck when mom treats but not this weekend. We both racked up.  I couldn't find pictures of everything so here's just a few.  Bright colors for Spring = yes please!  This is the top that I wore to the "Winter Blues" party on Saturday night.  It looks a little awkwardly business formal but it's totally bright, free flowing and better in person.

I got this yellow/lime light weight spring cardigan at Old Navy.
This diagonal-striped spring/summer dress was too cute to pass up so I got that too! I can so see myself wearing this with wedges to work.

I couldn't find the example, but mom and I both fell in love with this white Victorian-lace blouse below. It was beyond cute in person.  The sample is yellow, I got eggshell white.

Free flowing floral tank to go under another cardigan. 
White jeans ( I live for white)  I also go a pair of blue jeans--I did Lauren Conrad skinny jeans and then A.N.A. regular dark jeans.

I broke down and got some Sperry shoes that everyone shouts about being sooooo comfortable.  I still think they look manly, but I tried them and they worked.  Pretty comfy!
Blue spring 3/4 sleeve cardigan to go over the floral tank.

I can not complain about my weekend--sunny weather, shopping spree, birthday part, girl talk, walked my boy, Zane and got to sleep in this morning.  

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  1. Looks like you did rack up and had a great weekend!


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