Patio Thoughts

I sat on the patio today watching the dogs play after a really long walk.  Of course I'm alone, except for my thoughts, and these are the random things that went through my head during this time. This may be too much TMI but oh well.
* I'm so thankful that my life is drama free.
* I'll never choose money over people. The people I'm around are top-notch.
* I'm thinking about being a foster mom.  To school-age kids. I have a big heart, but I'm afraid not having a "guy" figure as a foster parent may be an issue.  I also wonder if my parents would get too attached since they've never had a grandchild.
* Driving on I-40 makes me cry. every.single.time. Happy tears, happy memories, old CD's, time alone, all things that make me think!
* My dog is so wonderful. I just love every ounce of him.
* I've only had kisses from my dog in the last year plus some months.  crazy to calculate.
* I do want to get married again....someday....
* I'm way more content with myself and my life.  It feels good.
* I think God has a plan. I just wish I knew where it was going.
* I don't believe in fairy tales but I do believe in happy endings.
* I'm excited for bills in my own name that I pay with no boss! 
* I'm ready for Esther and the girls to be home.

---and these were just during my walk and patio time.  I think way too much!

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