Major TO DO list!

* connect Direct TV, water, electric, gas
* clean, clean, clean to make my house a home
* painting estimate (he comes on Friday)  get those boys to paint the entire interior on Monday and Tuesday
 * landscaping company is pulling all my big bushes (hahaha)
* cut grass
* spray pellets for mosquitoes, grubs, ticks, fleas, icky creatures
* pressure wash front porch
* paint front porch white  (got paint)
*paint shutters black (got paint)
*change front entrance outside lighting
* sell all appliances currently in the home, Craigslist baby!
* rip up carpet
*put down wood floors on main level
* 6 stainless steel appliances being delivered next Wednesday
* pay movers to deliver all my storage unit stuff and load it in the house on Tuesday
* put the last bit of fencing up for Zanie Wanie
* decorate
* measure and purchase the rest of the 2 inch wood blinds for the upstairs bedroom and kitchen
* fill my pantry with food.  Isn't it sick that I'm excited to spend hours at Kroger stocking up on food and organizing my walk-in pantry?!  Yep, I am so excited to get new everything.  People, I don't even have salt.  Zero, zilch, nada. 
* get my butt to my financial planner and change up my plan and make my finances bring in the $$$$
* Ootie comes to visit for the weekend and Zeta day  (guess the princess will need an organized guest room hehe)
* Rescue Zane a seeester or a brudder  ASAP. He's been with dogs for the past 4 months, he's going to be lonely with me.
* Smile....life is good.  Oh, and it's finally Spring!

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