3rd Anniversary

My camera cord is not functioning properly and for some reason I can't pull pictures so this one will have to do! Earlier this week Steven and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Yep, exactly 3 years ago we were boogie boarding, reading people magazine on the beach (girls were) and laughing it up with 16 of our closest friends and family. We celebrated this year by going to a recommended straight up Italian restaurant called Mama Mia's in Nashville! Don't be fooled by the outside, it's literally a hole in the wall from 1989 but the food is delicious! It's run by a Sicilian family and if you know anything about true Italian's...they can't be rushed so don't expect to get in and out quickly. We enjoyed ourselves and thank Mary for introducing us to the little place. Afterwards we went and got ice cream...it was my cheat night people so I had to indulge myself. More pictures coming later!

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