Georgia...on my mind!

I met with my college girlies again for our quad-yearly (if that's a word) get together and this time it was in Atlanta! We went to stay with Abigail for a long weekend and along the way we spotted Young Jeezy and his entourage! (or at least the van, sorry we yanked the camera out of the car as the light turned green)
Some of us enjoyed IKEA so much we danced and road the flat movers...wonder what I was saying mid sentence!?
We spent the day inter tubing, rafting and riding the water slides at White Water. I think the highlight of the day was a little black boy (who didn't know me) found out I was a teacher and told me he was from Atlanta but went to CRES for a year. (AS IF) Then, he asked me if my nick name was "Mrs. Blossom" to which I replied, yeah that's me. Oh, the people watching, bathing suit choices and tattoos at the park were fabulous. We even saw a girl lose her hair weave! Yep, it fell out on a ride.
Before heading out to dinner at a fabulous Mexican Restaurant named Cinco!On Sunday we shopped til we dropped at the Dawsonville outlets before heading home at 6pm. We had a great weekend, thanks for hosting us Abigail!

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