Hanging with the munchkins

I know I've been forgotten in blog world! We've been so busy! First, we traveled to Ohio to visit M & R our niece and nephew. We had lots of fun. I spent my days playing dress up (Hannah Montana and a Fashion Designer) coloring fashion designer girls from magazines and turning Polly Pocket's car into the party bus! Steven spent the day playing hide and seek with R and chasing him. On a side note, M made a sign that says "no babys alod" so R can not come into HER playroom. That night we got a babysitter and the adults went to dinner and a movie. Do not see Shutter Island...err do not see Shutter Island at 10:30pm. 1. It's not good and 2. You will take a cat nap. We also go to experience a snow storm and they got a ton very quickly. We had a great time and wish we lived closer so we could see the munchkins more often.

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