Home Sweet Home!!

My daddy is coming home from India for good on April 17th! He just got his plans and is taking his vacation days to knock off the length of his India stay. We're excited. We talked on the phone and I asked him if he missed anything specific. You know me, I would miss food! He actually loves the food and misses Crest Toothpaste! Funny, huh? He said they only use the toothpaste produced in the 70's and I can't remember the name. So, if you're traveling to India don't expect to find normal tooth paste!

However, this chick, a.k.a. Stunner has signed on for another year in Botswana! This picture was taken at her going away party in Atlanta back in September. Looks like it will 2011 before we get another picture together! (unless of course we plan a girls' weekend in Africa-hehe) Thankfully, her hubby is moving to Africa to be with her on this amazing journey!

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