Thursday thoughts

Wow, this afternoon was a doozy! I was feeling high and my adrenaline was pumpin'! Not fist pumpin' but I was H-O-T!

1. Do not mess with my car. Eli Aurelius Kimosabe Bean (yep, his name stems from my college girls) has been paid for years. I do not need a rock the size of a peach thrown at it. I just couldn't let it go. I did a U-turn and made that kid pick up the rock and I yelled at him. DO NOT THROW ROCKS AT CARS. It felt good.

2. Get home. Zane is playing in the yard like a good boy. All the sudden I get the urge to check on him. Two middle school neighbor kids are literally tag teaming him and chasing him before then run past the fence and tease him. I stood in the window watching and told Steven what I wanted to yell at them. It had a lot of profanity! I stormed out there with my hands on my big hips and yelled SERIOUSLY is this all you have to do is tease my dog?! Get out of my yard and don't come back. Go play with your skateboard now. They scowled at me and I said move it now!! Again, I was H-O-T.

3. Other than that life is SUPER good and I am blessed. Yep, I said blessed because I am feeling very lucky right now. Patience is a virtue and while I am not good on waiting for OTHERS I am trying now.

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