Beware, I'm complaining....

Electromyography or EMC <----- big word. Yep, that's what fun I had this afternoon at my first neurologist appointment. It means lets zap you and send impulses to the nerves in your hand/arm/fingers and THEN stab you with a needle 25 times to listen to the sound of your nerves. I had approximately 25 double zaps with a wand and some gel that you would use for an ultrasound. At first, it's kinda fun... but by the time you get to the 5th zap you don't want to play the game anymore. Sucks for you, 20 more to go. The zaps were not that bad, just annoying. Like hitting your funny bone 25 times over and over. Then, out came the fun needle. It was big. Ok, a small part of me was intrigued that i got to hear my nerves like listening to static on a bad cell connection. If they were quiet, that was good, if you heard static that was bad. Then, you listen to the pattern of the static. I bled every single poke. I could feel it all over. I heard static...and lots of it.
Results: double carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists at age 28! Just call me Granny!
Can I blame it on my job? Writing on the dry erase board? Nope. Oh, and don't tell me you get it from typing...these are all myths! Nobody knows why I have this, why I got it so quickly, and sadly nobody knows why I am incredibly swollen and carrying water in my hands and joints. That part is a mystery that no amount of poking can solve.
So, I freakin' had to cry today. Gasp, yes I am weak sometimes....today sucked.

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  1. Awwhh..Kris! I'm so sorry you had a bad day. I had no idea you had issues with your wrists! What can I do? I will cook dinner for you when you get your surgery and will be by your side. And don't tell me no! I'm here for you punta. Always. It's okay to cry. It doesn't make you weak. You are human.


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