Boys are SO much F-U-N!

Woo-hoo last weekend I was off to celebrate Natalie and baby Nolan who is due in a month! I spent last Saturday driving to Centerville to Nat's shower. I passed my namesake so I had to pull over and take a picture....

Nothing like a fondant baby!

The fabulous 4 from college!

Tiny little Natalie 8 months pregnant! She made out like a bandit! I'm so excited to meet Nolan in October!

It's a known fact that I have always wanted 3 boys. I ONLY had boy baby dolls and played boy adoption agency as a child. I shopped in the real newborn section at the store for my boy clothes, had real diapers and real accessories. Of course, that's when I wasn't making my brother solve math problems while I was the teacher on the chalk board. hehe Before you get feisty, I love little girls too. I am happy for all my friends with babies and am so happy to be a part of their lives and watch them grow. But, internally, I just melt over a boy! I don't know if I am girly enough to be a mom of girls. Last night I held little Grayson who is so darn adorable! I wanted to keep him. My heart was so happy! He laid like a little frog on my chest and had the deepest dreams.

tired of all the girl talk going on around him....

He has fuzzy blond hair

He is so cute!

Laura- I am so proud of you! You're such a trooper and never complain, just roll with the punches. You are already a stress free and happy mom and it is so great to see that in you! I'm so glad to call you my friend and watch little Grayson grow in his converse shoes and seersucker outfits!

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  1. of course I love this post! You look good with a baby boy! He misses his Aunt Special K already!


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