Top 2 Tuesday (but on Wednesday for moi)

Ok, I've been seeing these top 2 Tuesdays for awhile but I just figured out the blog they came from. So, I am participating! woo woo!
Top 2 Songs Tuesday
1. R. Kelly -Just like that
This is an amazing song about the joys we feel in life. It reads like a poem and I love it! I can hear it every day and still get excited!
2. Pat Boone -Moon River
My mom told me when she was little her parents would dance to this song on the record player in the living room once all the kids went to bed. My mom fell asleep to it many nights. This song makes me feel linked to a family and people I truly never got to know. Makes me feel good! Also, Mr. Big left this record/song for Carrie when he moved out of his place. :o)

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