Weekend Fun...just us 2!

The hubs is constantly working but this weekend we had some casual fun! Saturday night we went downtown Nashville just to go... We had to eat at Hooters so I could get fried pickles and the hubs could get atomic wings!

We ghosted some people with rat tails and mullets.

hehe (side note, I only did this for BH who goes to Walmart to ghost people)

drooled over the bikes.... we play a game called pick out your favorite....

Sorry about all the lights...
On Sunday we went to the hubs side of the family for a cookout. I didn't take any family pictures...but you can tour the 50+ acres of land on the 4-wheeler with us. My hubs, being forced to take pictures. (I hope my friends are still friends with me after you look closely and see that he IS wearing jorts. You know jean shorts?! I told him you (LOMA and SCARY) might un-friend me due to his un-coolness.) His words "it's a farm, you don't dress up, you need field clothes." Whatever, I still wore earrings! Rascal- the pit leading the way

The Newton Cannon home circa 1800's! He was the first Whig Governor of Tennessee! It's on the National Historic Registry and has to be preserved. It's awesome! The graveyard is not on their land, it is on the farm next door. (if you like dorky stuff like me...this will intrigue you too)

Trying to take pictures as we ride

Do you see what I see? Look closely and find my hubs tree stand!

The sunlit path...

Super close to the cows, I squealed because this one kept giving me the stink eye!

Big ole thing!

Horns = scary. I told Steven if they attacked I would be stuck in the back...he didn't drive any faster!!

The new horse with the brown spot-Desperado!

...that was our weekend, looking forward to the next!!

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  1. What a fun date! Love the new background btw. I cant wait to see all of yall at your 31 party on sunday, I miss all!


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