Everything but the sink post...

This weeks dinner menu:
Flounder stuffed with crab meat and veggies  (fish thanks to Trader Joe's)
Filet Mignon and fried potatoes (my hubs specialty)
Italian chicken breasts and yummy roasted brussel sprouts
home made chicken pot pie
...and the rest of the week the hubs is flying solo because my sister is coming Thursday!
 We've got a very strict agenda consisting of lots of shopping, the home good store, Trader Joe's, downtown Franklin, Antiques and....drum roll please.....NASHVILLE FLEA MARKET EXTRAVAGANZA!
 Flea market Fall 2009

Can I get a woo-woo! (see previous posts about me being 80 years old) 

It's the spring fling so I'm hoping all the vendors will be there!  You've got 2 type A planners and boom, you have a morning to midnight agenda. We like to go, go, go and  I love it! Oh, there will be some fine dining for dinners and lots of talking. 

Enjoy the week!

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