Sister, Sister!

So, lots of you inquisitive people, some who blog stalk, were informed that Sarah isn't my real sister. (thanks LOMA) Nope, we're not related although everyone says we look similar. We're just BFF's and we were zeta sisters (big sis/lil sis) and well, the name sister stuck! So, now that the secret is out. My SISTER came to visit for Good Friday. Our schedule was packed with fun! Lots of shopping, home good stores, antiques downtown Franklin, Green Hills, etc. We also hit up the Nashville Spring flea market-my favorite! 
Green bottles-my fav! (I got some more)
great lamps and a dresser

Rumpelstiltskin Scrunch
an African fertility belly...I guess you'll know if it truly works!
We also hit up the mall and continued our tradition of eating Cypress salads at J. Alexander's at 8pm.

I also have to share my K Mart shoes.  Ok, I don't go to K Mart. Like ever.  But, Sister has her own cupcake business and she wanted to check something out in the Martha Stewart line so we went.  I ended up with shoes. 
I am not embarrassed, these granny shoes are SO comfy and only $7.99.  So, don't be a hater. hehe

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  1. Yay Sister!! I had fun with you....as usual!!


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