Adventures in South Beach

After the cruise we spent the weekend in Miami-South Beach! We got a pretty good hotel deal in the swanky art deco part of town built in the 1930's with a beach side view. If you go, you MUST stay on Collins or Ocean Drive. The strip is lined with shopping, boutiques, outlets and little no name food joints from around the world. Too bad the weather was only good in the morning, it was cloudy all afternoon and rained all early evening.

Our art deco hotel
Our amazing pool, cabana lounge and if you look closely the end cap is a swim through waterfall.
The Atlantic...it was cloudy and had tons of shells.

The #1 thing we had to see was Miami Ink. Steven regrets not getting his tattoo that was totally jacked up price. Before you ask, the "famous" guys from the TV show were not there. they had 3 other shop guys. You actually have to pay to take pictures on the inside, I didn't though. None of the people who waited with us ended up getting tattoos. They all went down the road to another place. But, according to Steven, that lady didn't do lines well.

Making Stevens outline...before he told us the price of his tattoo (which was only the size of an Oreo cookie HONEST) was going to be $550.00 approximately!

The shop was awesome, exactly like on TV.

waiting for our Taxi to take us to the airport...there's no place like home! We did see a bit of the South Beach night life, skimpy clothes, Lamborghini's, lots and lost of people speaking multiple languages. You didn't hear much English because everyone speaks in their native tongues. Not really what I expected, but I can say I've been now!

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