I had the blues...

So, we all know how hyped I was about going to the acupuncturist to get my migraines, stomach pains and all those girly hormones in check. I went through 3 evaluations, took all the tests, had a physical and even watched his slide show presentation about myself before my first treatment. The needles didn't hurt except for the one he put directly into my eye. JUST KIDDING! I had 11 on my ankle, knee, fingers, hands and a spot on my leg, weird how all those spots make a difference, huh? For those of you who fear it, the needle isn't really a needle, its the equivalent to a cat whisker yet made from stainless steel. Anywho... so after my treatment we sit down to talk about "The Plan of Action" which I'm going to refer to as the Pissed Off American (me). Everything was great until that point. The point where I found out my plan consisted of 3+ months of treatment at a whopping cost of $3,800 for Plan A, Plan B was even more expensive. Yep, see insurance pays zero dollars in the state of TN for western medicine. At that point, i was very upset and knew only 3 people could understand. I tried calling them one by one and each time I cried worse and worse like a little punk! (you know I hate to cry) I was just upset that I got my hopes up thinking something could help me only to find out I wasn't willing to pay that amount. Thankfully, I met a friend and her 2 cuties for lunch and she let me pour it all out which helped. I know if you break down the cost of each Dr. visit its exactly the same, just your insurance pays the difference. I also know I only have 1 body, but I'm still not willing to part with my rainy day fund for 3 months of acupuncture treatments. There must be another way! So, now I'm doing my research and have others helping me. Tomorrow is another day and everything will be okay. That's what I tell myself! Thanks for reading, sorry its a whiny one!

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