Zane turned One!

Zane= beloved, Americus = Home ruler....Zane Americus is our beloved home ruler and he just turned 1 years old! He was fully potty trained at 9 weeks, lost his first tooth (that we found) the day he turned 4 months and only recently started lifting his leg to pee! haha You love to eat oranges with daddy, are confused about ice chips in your water bowl and every time the garage door opens you sit patiently waiting for whoever might be coming. You are also a super sport and always let mommy take pictures of you doing random things. Like on your birthday....

Zane is a huge NY Yankee's fan just like his family! woo-woo

You love to read and look at books a.k.a. lick them. This book was from Aunt Mary! He looks surprised, huh?!

You can't sleep without Bucky Beaver and you carry him everywhere!

You're full of surprises...like the day I cam home and you brought your bed and all your toys out, ate the rug padding and tossed my expensive rug back.
...we still love you!
And if you're good you can have a 4 legged brother or sister in the future....yes, I've been "browsing" so it's a slight possibility.

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