Our Story

In 1st grade I moved from upstate New York to Tennessee with a French-Canadian maiden name; Chartier [Shar-T-ay]. It was hard to pronounce, harder to spell, and VERY different from my peers.It didn't help that I had a head full of long black hair.   My mom kept my First grade journal and it read something like this: I want to live on a farm with 8 cows, 4 chickens, 5 horses, and 1 dog (can you tell I'd never seen farm animals before). I want to have a nice husband with 3 boys and be a teacher. I want to have a name that everyone knows.  Ha! Careful what ya wish for! While some of the dreams came true, lots of them have changed! I did however get the all American name-Hicks! That's where my blog came to fruition.

I live in the Nashville area with my husband of 5 years, Steven, and our amiable boxer, Zane. We were engaged in the  mountains, married via a destination beach wedding,  and spent 15 glorious days honeymooning in Europe. We love to travel! (If I could travel for free I'd be a goner) No, we don't live on a farm, or have any little Hicks running around, but I am a teacher!

Children, antiques, and photography will always be my passion, balanced with my love for all things GREEN in color, Mexican food, (ok...eating in general)  my girlfriends, Tivo, cooking, R&B music, coke icees,flip flops  and of course my family!

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