I got FIVE on it!

Five Summer Fun facts...this should be easy!

1. I hate people who home school. I think its weird, your child will grow up an oddball with no social development skills OR they will get to college and be a little rebel. You can't protect them from the world. If you were a GOOD parent you would teach them about the world and then lead by example and know they will make good choices. If they stray you help get them back on the correct path. You cant hide your kid in a closet forever!

2. I love ghost hunters, mysteries, paranormal state, etc. all those things on TV. Its the one show that my hubby and I both watch as he isn't into Real Housewives and I'm not into UFC.

3. I love to drive alone with my music super loud. I sing along, never play a song in its entirety and sometimes play the same songs over and over! I think I would die without music. All my songs have a meaning or memory behind it and listening to it takes me back to that place and time. Driving and typing are two things that make me very calm and relaxed.

4. I hate talking on the phone with a passion! I didn't even get a cell phone until I was a Junior in College (my parents made me that time) because i didn't want to lug it around or talk to people. I know its strange... but that's me. If I call you, then that means I want to talk. You can call me, lets just not talk on the phone for hours, okay? I prefer email or direct face to face conversation. Sorry, but I am this way with everyone.

5. I deeply enjoy all things relating to: Amish people, Native Americans, Oregon Trail, Holocaust & WWII, and anything circa pioneer years. I'm a total dork but I can visit these places over and over, read about them, tour museums, watch movies, and I never tire. When I was a kid I told my Mom I could speak Indian (still can to this day) because I watched Dances with Wolves so much I memorized the lines. My family knows my love....don't hate! ;o)

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