5 Ingredients or Less Dinner Week!

I'm really excited about dinner this week! I really love cooking and working with meat. ( I am not a fan of baking for some reason) Each of these recipes involves 5 or less easy ingredients!
In no particular order this is our menu:
Crock pot Caribbean Honey BBQ Pork Tenderloin over rice
(this has been simmering all day)
Jumbo Shrimp and veggie kabobs with rice
(I try to use the same sides so things don't go to waste)
Home made chicken pot pie
(the kind that you make and roll your own crust-- I'm excited)
Jumbo stuffed Italian (Turkey) shells and garlic bread (this has more than 5 ingredients) -click link to take you directly my recipe
(we eat this all the time and everyone who tries it, loves it)
These foods will probably last 2 nights each or make for great lunch left overs! I will post the recipes later because I alter them to our liking.

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